Almost in Vietnam

Good afternoon.  I’ve arrived in Singapore (free internet access in the terminals!) and everything is fine so far.  I had a lovely view of engine from my window seat which reminded of the excellent youtube montage of airplane and helicopter crashes Sharon and Anita so thoughtfully showed me yesterday.  Thanks 🙂 

Am a bit over the plane thing even though there’s still a few hours to go.  Though it must be said I don’t begrudge enforced time spent on movie viewing and magazine reading (life’s so hard).  So far I’ve watched Angus thongs and perfect snogging – good, Journey to the centre of the earth – not so good, and just over half of Iron man.  Hopefully I’ll get to finish it at some point but they took away my headphones because we were landing soon (I don’t know, such efficiency).  Hope all is well wherever you are, and here’s to arriving at a hotel sometime in the next six hours.