Mmmmm delicious

So I’m finally posting after eating instead of before.  I’ve enjoyed some lovely food over the past two days.  Tonight was chili and lemongrass chicken and last night I had my first bowl of pho in Vietnam.  The pho (noodle soup) came with its own plate of Vietnamese basil, lime, bean sprouts, onion and greens to customise my dinner with.  It was very yummy, as was dinner tonight. 

Today I visited the Reunification Palace.  It’s massive and has a lot of history associated with it.  It was however decorated in the middle of the last century, so is heavy on the velour and statement furniture.  They have English speaking guides there, so I managed to hook up with a tour which gave some background on the palace and thirty of its most important rooms (there were a lot we didn’t see).  It has interesting opening hours 7.30am -11am and 1pm-4pm so I headed there in the afternoon. 

The morning I spent wandering around  the area I’m staying in.  I wasn’t feeling too crash hot yesterday (possibly lack of sleep/heat/dehydration combined) which made for slightly woozy viewing of death and destruction at the War Remnants museum, so I decided to take it easy today.  I was still feeling pretty tired though despite the many extra hours of sleep I got in yesterday, but the iced caffe latte I got at a coffeeshop round the corner with lovely comfy chairs did wonders.  It was great to find somewhere to chill out and recover that’s not my hotel room.  It’s a decent hotel room but not even close to social or in any way experiencing HCMC.

Tomorrow night I get to meet up with my tour group which should be interesting.  I still haven’t figured what to do with my day tomorrow but it may involve a visit to the Ben Thanh market to see what mass produced ethnic specialties are on sale.  I’ve also got to say that I’m glad people are leaving comments on the blog, it’s nice to know someone’s reading it and it gives me a chance to keep in touch with everyone.