Back in Saigon

So I’ve returned from my Mekong Delta boat trip and will be in Saigon for another two nights.  The boat trip was great.  It’s so relaxing being on board and you get a really good look at a different part of Vietnam.  Our group drove to the town of Cai Be which is on the water and from there we took the boat through the delta.  On the way to the homestay we stopped at a few places such as a rice paddy (to get a real close up look), a Cao Dai temple, a rice paper factory (they were making the rice paper used for spring rolls – mmmm), a coconut candy factory (even more yum – candy made with coconut juice and sugar), a popped rice factory (the kind of popped rice from rice cakes), we had lunch at My Kiep’s historic home (lovely old house and garden), we had a sampan ride (we were rowed down some very small channels the other boat couldn’t fit down), we saw the remnants of that day’s floating market, visited a brick factory (nothing like proper manual labour to make you feel incredibly lazy), and lastly before our homestay we visited a river garden (a plant nursery with lots of tropical/local fruits). 

The homestay was not as basic as we had been led to believe by our itinerary.  We stayed on canvas foldout beds on the first floor of house that was very nice and obviously gets a few tour groups for lunches every now and then.  The garden was beautiful and while we waited for dinner time the five of us lazed about in hammocks.  It’s a hard life ; )  Dinner was a multi-course deal whose focal point were the two deliciously prepared local fish but there was also soup, rice, beef, pork, spring rolls and fruit afterwards.  Far more food than we could eat.  Sharon – you’ll be glad to know there was beer.  Tiger brand which I thought was Thai but it was clearly made in Vietnam- so who knows but it went very well with the fish.  No star ratings yet, I need to sample more product.  We all headed off to sleep early because it was a long day, which was just as well because the day starts early in Vietnam.

Today we rose early (very little choice after the rooster and turkeys started making noise), had breakfast at the homestay and went for a walk in the local village.  We had a wander through the market and along the river bank, before rejoining our boat for the trip back to Cai Be.  From Cai Be we returned to Saigon once again.  Tonight we meet the other eight people on the tour and tomorrow we head off to visit the Cu Chi tunnels.