Happy Teacher’s Day!

Hi! Today was our day trip to the Cu Chi tunnels but in Vietnam it was also Teacher’s Day.  All the schools seemed to have displays, balloons and flags on show.  Lots of small children running about in their uniforms or in some very fancy frilly dresses (for the girls). 

The visit to the Cu Chi tunnels was very interesting although it was quite a warm day.  We were able to watch an excellent introductory video about the history of the tunnels. It was entirely from the guerilla fighters point of view which had at least one older American man in the audience muttering under his breath about propaganda.  It explained how the people of Cu Chi were very peaceful but then the crafty American devils came to wage war, many thousands of miles from their own country.  We even saw pictures of a few local heroes who won medals for being outstanding American killer heroes.  The tunnels themselves were very small but the one we crawled through had evidently been made a bit larger for fat westerners, although there were clearly some westerners there who were never going to fit.  It was pitch black in parts of the tunnel and was small enough that we had to crawl along for a while.  The area around the tunnels is very well set up and has a number of displays showing how the guerilla fighters lived, worked, cooked, and tended their injured.

Tomorrow we take a very long (8 or 9 hours) public bus ride to the Central Highlands town of Da Lat. I’m really looking forward to going there, and to being somewhere else as I’ll have been in Saigon a week tomorrow.