Raindrops keep falling on my head

Finally we went on our boat trip today.  It rained the whole way out to the island, which shouldn’t have been a surprise.  Once there it cleared for a while and some of us jumped in for a swim.  No snorkeling because the weather’s been rotten and there wouldn’t have been anything to see.  It was a good trip though and we were served a delicious lunch on board. 

Tonight we board our first overnight train.  Four to a small cabin it travels through the night, taking us further north.  It leaves just after 8pm and arrives in Da Nang about 5/6am.  From Da Nang we take a bus for another hour or so to reach our final destination Hoi An.  We’ve got two days in Hoi An and apparently the weather is rubbish there too.  Hopefully it will clear but we just have to wait and see.