It’s stopped raining but this new town is flooded…

We arrived in Hoi An very early this morning (about 6am) and were able to immediately go to our rooms.  This meant we were free to unpack, sleep, and shower (rather necessary after the night train).  Mid morning we headed out to have a look around Hoi An.  If you’re interested in having clothes made for you, this is the place to do it.  At least half to two thirds the shops here are tailors and dress makers.  Most of the other shops in the Old Town are cafes and restaurants.  There are so many tourists from all over milling about on the streets.  It’s a definite tourist hot spot.  It is also just a little bit flooded here.  Although the rain seems to have stopped for now, the centre of town is under water.  It’s not as bad as last year apparently but at least two streets are under water. 

On our wander around some of the group decided to get clothes made and although they have a lot of nice stuff, none of it seems interesting or different enough to bother with the fittings.  You can however get almost anything made in this town – clothes, shoes, bags, ties, the works.  In the afternoon we walked to some of the local sights including a Japanese covered bridge, a Chinese temple and saw a short, local music and dance display.  Tomorrow a number of us are heading about forty kilometres away on a half day trip to see the Champa ruins at My Son.