Lizards and mice and bugs…Oh My!

We’ve now completed our first stint on the overnight trains here in Vietnam.  It was certainly an interesting experience and we have three more night trains before we’re done.  In our cabin of four we stocked up on snacks, vodka and a pack of cards to pass the time.  We boarded the train in Nha Trang for the nine hour journey to Da Nang.  As we entered our cabin we realised that the previous passengers we had just seen disembark had also felt the need to sleep in what were to be our beds for the night.  Discarding the sheets and blankets already there we managed to get a hold of some clean ones to cover our mattresses.  

After we had settled in the vodka, snacks and cards made an appearance, as did an iPod player full of dubious pop tunes.  I’m sure our travelling companions in the cabins either side of ours will agree that we are truly awesome at sing alongs.  We were also engaged in a pretty serious game of Snap!  Fingers could have been lost.  Our merriment was unfortunately interrupted by the appearance of a small mouse that decided to jump on me and crawl in my hair.  The other three occupants of the cabin screamed bloody murder and ran into the hallway.  Of course everyone still thought we were playing silly buggers (or Snap!) and didn’t come out to see what was happening.  This morning it turned out that one of the guys had found a small lizard in his bed and some of the others may have encountered bed bugs (eeeeew).  So, all in all I got about four and half hours sleep before we disembarked but I’d rather deal with a mouse than bed bugs.  After the train arrived in Da Nang we hopped on a bus and rather groggily made our way to Hoi An where we will stay today and tomorrow.