Happy Birthday to Natalie

Today we visited the Champa ruins at My Son.  They are part of a the old Indian influenced kingdom of Champa.  Many, many centuries old.  It was quite a good trip and the site is an hour or so away from Hoi An.  It’s not a big set of temples like Angkor Wat but it was nice to go look around something really old and ruiney.  I’d been sort of missing that after last years trip.  The temple sites suffered during the Vietnam war.  Site B remained largely unscathed and you can still see the structures pretty much as they once stood.  They certainly resemble buildings.  Other sites suffered heavily during bombing in 1968 and 1970 something.  All that is left of those sites is foundations and bomb craters.  There are also practically no statues left on site as the French archaeologists who unearthed the temples removed them to a museum in Da Nang.  It’s just another reminder of how much is lost during wars.  These buildings stood for centuries undisturbed and probably largely unmolested but they can be destroyed with so little thought and effort.  Central Vietnam is lovely though.  It hasn’t rained again although it’s overcast and the temperature is much cooler here.  There’s lots of greenery and some mountains.

On a brighter note, Natalie who is on this tour is having her birthday today.  So we’ll be heading out for dinner and cake in a few hours.  Tomorrow we leave Hoi An (and its numerous shops) for Hue.  This time we go on the bus not the train (our next overnight train is in a few days).