And the score is….

Creatures of the overnight train – 1, travellers -1.  So we’ve arrived in Hanoi, in fact, although it’s only 10am we’ve already been here five and half hours.  There are currently only day rooms available which means that presently four of us are trying to sleep and shower in one room.  The room I’m going to be in eventually won’t be ready for at least another hour.  The overnight train was not so much of an ordeal as last time.  The train we had last night was immediately, obviously cleaner without signs that someone had been sleeping in our beds five minutes previously.  So we were off to a good start.  This time everyone stocked up on vodka, mixes and snacks.  We had the ipod on and some very competitive games of Uno and Snap! were underway.  It was all good, noisy fun – for us at least.  During a stop at one station, our tour leader was dispatched to quickly buy more alcohol because we were running dry fast.  Today will indicate how good Vietnamese rice based vodka is for someone.  We’ve got free time today, so a few of us will go out wandering soon.  Tomorrow we get a city tour of all the highlights (but we won’t get to see Ho Chi Minh up close and personal because he’s on his yearly trip to Russia for touch ups).