Vietnamese rice wine is lethal

Today we completed our trek in Sapa.  Considering last night’s efforts on the rice wine, today’s shorter trek was actually seemed harder.  Yesterday we walked about twelve kilometres up and down mountain sides.  I’ve got lots of pictures of terraced rice paddies, one of which I actually managed to stick one of my feet in this morning when I overbalanced.  Who says altitude, a cold and the after effects of serious drinking don’t mix?  The homestay was lovely but between ten or eleven of us we managed to polish off over two litres of the local home brew.  Much merriment followed (as did pictures). 

It’s quite cold up here in the mountains and almost all my warm clothing now has mud on it.  It’s also not a relaxing experience trekking in northern Vietnam due to the fact that each group usually ends up with nearly double the amount of people trekking when the local ethnic women decide to tag along and occasionally try and sell you stuff.  They can be quite persistant.  Tonight we catch the night train back to Hanoi and a number of the group leave over the next two days as the tour ends.  I’ve got a few more days in Hanoi so will have to decide if I’m going to be lazy and stay in the city, or think about doing a day trip somewhere.