Just a few days to go…

It’s all flown by far too quickly.  I now only have two full days left in Vietnam before I begin flying home on Thursday (I won’t actually arrive till Friday morning).  Not much has happened since I last wrote.  We survived our last night train experience largely by being too tired to be concerned about dirt and rodents.  Everyone has been doing their last minute shopping and we’ve had quite a few good byes already.  After about 8pm tonight, I’ll be on my own in Hanoi.  I wouldn’t mind but our hotel is not in a touristy area which means it’s severely lacking in dinner opportunities.  I’m trying to decide if I want to eat at the dodgy place next door which offers local specialties like fried turtle (and more usual things like fried rice) or venture further afield. 

Tomorrow I’ve booked a day tour to another province just to the south of Hanoi.  I’ll get to see some local villages and a few pagodas and caves of varying importance.  Hanoi is not as busy as Saigon, so although I enjoy being able to cross the street most of the time, I do miss their better markets and abundance of restaurants close to the hotel.  I’ll shop for last minute things and wander around again on Wednesday, then it’s nearly home time.