And we’re back….

So I’ve been thinking lately that instead of just keeping track of the great places I see overseas, I should be posting about the good things here at home. I’m also aware of the fact that I won’t live on the Coast forever and that it might be nice to have a tangible record of my time here.  In keeping with this idea, here is my first post of this new and hopefully improved blog.

I visited Mt Tamborine over the weekend and managed to make it to their Sunday market.  The big one is held in the showgrounds on the second Sunday of the month and has a variety of stalls ranging from cute hats and bags to local fruit and veges to local art and crafts.  It’s a lovely way to spend an hour or two on a sunshiny (yeah it’s a word) Sunday.  I bought some delicious sounding Rhubarb and Strawberry jam, some always yummy Rosella jam and a bag of hopefully crisp Granny Smiths.  I’m thinking that the apples might make their way into a cake of some sort during this week.  The picture below shows some of the colourful bougainvilleas on sale.

Sunday markets at Mt Tamborine

The Secret Garden Now that I’m more familiar with the roads up on the mountain I do enjoy just driving about to look at little things tucked away behind the trees.  I stopped off at a nice art gallery/children’s bookstore/cafe, The Secret Garden.  They always have beautiful art and sculptures for sale and a good selection of picture books. 

 Tree in Joalah NPI also stopped at one of the many lookouts to take in the view and take some pictures.  The gallery walk in Eagle Heights was busy as always and a few of the shops had changed since my last visit.  I took a quick walk in the Joalah National Park but didn’t have time this visit to do the longer walk again.  The walk was lovely though and the trees are beautiful.  I think I’m going to have to go back sometime when it’s not so hot.  I’d like to do some more of the walks again, and although there were many enthusiastics souls out walking today, I’ll be waiting for the cooler weather.