Smitten with Smitten Kitchen

I quite like cooking new things from time to time, especially cakes, pies or biscuits!  I especially like looking up recipe sites on the internet for new ideas.  Recently I was emailed a link to the cooking blog Smitten Kitchen.  And I must say that it is lovely site full of delicious recipes.  The first time I looked at the site, a recipe for Whole Lemon Pie was the most recently posted, and I decided that I’d definitely have to try it out.  It looked delicious and I’d been looking for a reason to buy a pie tin 🙂  The recipe itself is pretty simple and can be found through the links above.  The comments section on Smitten Kitchen can also provide handy tips for those trying out the recipes. 

Whole Lemon tart

Partly eaten Lemon tart

My effort to make the pie was largely successful.  It definitely looks like it should – checkout the pics on the site.  It does taste tart with a little hint of bitterness, but it is totally edible and delicious (as evidenced by my pics).  So here is my attempt at Whole Lemon Tart (so named because it uses a whole lemon strangely enough).