Favoured book vol 1

Many moons ago when I was still in the midst of my first degree I liked to wander through the campus bookstores.  The second hand book mart threw a few good finds my way but the best place to go (when I could afford new books) was Wordsmiths.  It’s a bookstore/cafe on my old campus that housed an enticing selection of books, whether they be sci fi, fantasy, art, history, or Penguin Classics.  During a sale of their old, leftover stock (mish mash piles of books ranging from the sublime to decidedly boring at super reduced prices) I came across what was for me, THE find of finds. 

Doesn't this cover make you want to read his books?

Doesn't this cover make you want to read his books?

Faces of Fantasy is a photo essay of some of the best known and loved modern fantasy authors.  It includes a full page portrait photograph and a short essay from each of the writers detailing what fantasy means to them.  These snippets of ideas behind the writers are fascinating. Over the years I’ve found myself reading and rereading favourites umpteen times.  Sadly I can’t reproduce them here for fear of copyright laws worldwide but Neil Gaiman’s contribution (his picture also graces the front cover) illustrates the fantastical gap between The Writer and The Man in curious and compelling terms.  George R.R. Martin’s contribution is also a favourite, vividly outlining why he thinks people still seek the ‘other’ in fantasy stories.

This book of beautiful photos and essays cost me slightly more than a cup of coffee would these days and I must say, it was money well spent.