Southbank images

Southbank, Brisbane that is.  I know the phrase Southbank conjures up idyllic pictures of Paris and the Seine, or maybe London and the Thames (yes the Thames can be scenic).  But no, I have pictures of Southbank, Brisbane.  It’s the best I can do for now.

These pictures were taken on a trip to Brisbane a weekend or two ago.  It was a beautiful sunny day (it was also quite hot too).  I couldn’t tell at the time which pictures would turn out because of all the glare, but some of them are ok.

This first one is of the bougainvillea archways at Southbank.  They provide a shady and colourful walkway through the gardens to markets.  Although you can’t see a lot of flowers in this picture, the bougainvilleas are a rich vibrant purple colour that look absolutely lovely when in flower.

Bougainvillea archway, Southbank

The next one is another view of the bougainvilleas.  In this one you can see some more of the purple flowers.

Second bougainvillea archway, Southbank

This picture is of a sculpture near the State Library.  You can see the towers of the CBD in the background.

Sculpture near library, Southbank

These are just a few of the pics I took on the day, I’ll post some more another time.