Pear and nectarine crumble


I decided the best way to use up my excess of fruit was to chop it all up and make a crumble.  This one contains pears and white nectarines.  I used just under a kilo of pears (I forget which kind, they had green skin) and about four nectarines.  The crumble topping was made up of about 125 grams of butter, some caster sugar, plain flour, a few hand fulls of rolled oats and some chopped walnuts.  I didn’t follow a recipe because I figured I could only get it so wrong. I mixed it all up till it looked about right, added it on top of the fruit and baked it in the oven for about an hour at 180 degrees Celsius.

It didn’t turn out too badly, the top was nice and crunchy – the oats and walnuts were the best bit.  The pears cooked up lovely but the nectarines were a bit smushy and tasteless.  I’d definitely cook another crumble but I’d use firmer fruit like pears or apples and less butter in the topping.