Yay for new books!

The City&The CitySo while (dreaded nineties phrase) surfing the net last night I came across this article in the Scotsman.  It appears China Mieville has a new book, The City & The City, and I’m very happy.  Apparently this one revolves around a mystery to do with two neighbouring cities but like most Mieville stories it probably won’t be straightforward. 

I’ve been a fan of his writing since I first read Perdido Street Station while in London many years ago.  I’ve read all the others available over here in Australia (I think some short stories in other compilations are harder to come by) and I’ve liked most of them.  I especially loved Un Lun Dun because I’m into the alternate world thing and because it’s set in London.  King Rat is also set in London and it’s another favourite.  I don’t know much about drum and bass but the story was fascinating.  So, yay for new books.  It’s always good when a favourite author has a new book for you to read.