Children of the Sun,

See your time has just begun, Searching for your way, Through adventures every day…. Yeah I looked it up on the internets.  In case you’ve missed the subtle pop culture reference to an 80’s Japanese/French animated children’s show, that’s the Mysterious Cities of Gold theme song.  One of the most memorable of my childhood.  I spent hours dedicated to watching this series in the afternoons on the ABC along with Monkey, Dr Who and You can’t do that on television – ah such classics.  It possibly explains a lot about how I turned out too. 

Anyway, I’m excited today because I managed to get my hands on DVD’s of the original Cities of Gold series.  Apparently my local library is awesome enough to buy obscure television shows from twenty years ago that I loved (as opposed to the ones they buy that I have no interest in watching).  I fully intend to rewatch this show from beginning to end, which is totally nerdy but I don’t care.  They’ll probably be a total mess (rewatching a couple of Voltron episodes proved unintentionally hilarious) but I loved this show (especially it’s theme tune) and I have to watch it again at least for old times sake.  Click here if you want to experience the awesomeness of the theme song again thanks to Youtube.