Rudeness and mobile phones

Yeah cell phone is American but you get my point

Yeah cell phone is American but you get my point

In another day of glorious exploration, I made it all the way to the bank – exciting huh?  I was there to change some old travellers cheques I’ve been hanging on to because it’s a hassle to find time to go to the bank.  I had the day off so thought I would brave the queues.  The lineup wasn’t too bad but as the usual foreign exchange counter was closed I had to get in the regular queue.  No problem, there were only a few people in front of me.  It was those who followed that inspired today’s post. 

The guy behind me in line obviously though that lunch time queues at the bank were the best place to arrange his Friday night outing.  Talking too loudly on his mobile “Hi, is Serge there?” “Yeah Serge, …Serge”  “Yeah we’re gonna go out tonight, I’m dressed up enough for, you know, going out, out”  “I don’t know about bowling but we’ve definitely been to Timezone too many times.  What do you think?”   “Blah, blah blah…..I’m a self involved loser”  This conversation was edited due to its extreme boring nature and the fact I already know too much about this guy.  It’s rude enough, in my opinion, to subject those around you to these boring ass yet apparently essential conversations but I just hoped he would stop when it came his time to get served.  I work in a customer service role and I find it incredibly rude when people talk on their phones when you’re trying to help them.  So rude that I actually stop helping them until they’re done talking, because if you’re not going to give me any of your attention while I find information for you, you’re not going to get the most helpful me. 

So I waited in line like a good customer till it was my turn to be served and was told almost immediately that the teller couldn’t change my cheques but that I’d have to proceed to the newly opened temporary foreign exchange counter where guess what? – I ended up standing in line waiting behind the idiot who was still talking on his mobile. (He had another identical one in his hand for good measure because having more phones to talk on than you have mouths and brains is an awesome idea).  So I waited, with patience for the teller who had to deal with this jerk, and no patience for the guy on the phone and whatever his issues were.  At one point he turned around and gave me a weak smile.  He did not get one in return.  Even the teller at the next window didn’t appear impressed with him.  Eventually he was sent to another part of the bank to wait while they investigated his query.  I hope they made him wait a long time.