Top ten songs of all time

Like the book (still unknown) that could change your life, I’m having trouble picking my top ten songs of all time for the Triple J Hottest 100 of all time.  I’ve had a look at other people’s top ten lists and checked out the forums but how to narrow it down to just ten songs?  Looking at others lists just makes it worse because I see songs and think “I definitely have to include that one” but there’s only so much room.  The Cure, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos and maybe even Massive Attack would make the list but it’s hard whittling down the song choice.

On the Triple J website there seems to be a definite lean towards Joy Division’s Love will tear us apart and there’s still a chance for Rick Astley who apparently has a growing campaign trying to RickRoll the votes.  It’s sparked all sorts of debate about what to vote for and how to vote.  Does one leave a beloved yet obscure song off the list because it has little chance of making it into the 100 and vote for a more popular song that you like although not as much as the other you left off the list?  Decisions, decisions… Anyone else have top ten suggestions?