The dying art of mixtapes

Following on from last week’s post about Triple J’s all time hottest 100 and how hard it is to compile a list of my ten most favouritest songs – I have a link to a post about the dying art of mixtapes.  More than just a random collection of tunes, mixtapes could be used to reach out and convey emotion and meaning to the recipients.  I do remember playing around with a tape player back in the olden days, making recordings that thankfully I think I’ve recorded over or at least buried somewhere never to be found.  There is an art to the mixtape, check out the rules for compiling a good mixtape. And for you young’uns out there, just consider how hard the compilation of mixtapes was before iTunes and the internet when you had to rely on cassette to cassette recordings, or even worse, trying to find a song on radio only to have the announcer talk over the end of it.