Some good news…

…which some of you will likely know already but the past few days has involved sad news and I didn’t really feel like finding anything to post about.  So it’s time for some happier thoughts momentarily.  My good news is that I will be flying abroad again in the not too distant future to try my luck in Old Blighty while enjoying the last gasps of a British summer.  I’m heading for England (London for starters) but could end up anywhere really depending on what sort of job I land (and I am assuming I get one).  I don’t really want to fly half way across the world for a big fat fail – and I quit my job already.  But, it’s time for something new and exciting and a teeny bit scary.  It’s all good though and I’m looking forward to finally getting back to the UK, something I swore I’d do when I returned home last time, just over eight years ago now.


I'm excited! (with thanks to Westminster Uni site for the pic)