It’s Monday and I haven’t done anything interesting

So, I’ve listened to over half of the Triple J Hottest 100 of all time – what a trip back to High School that was.  I was having flashbacks to school dances and of being unsociable in my room listening to Jeff Buckley and The Cure.  It was a good afternoon of music on Sunday topped off with a Nirvana classic – oh to be a misunderstood teenager again. 

But I didn’t go anywhere, or take any pictures. I did successfully manage to apply for two jobs in the UK (successfully as in the online application system appeared to send away my files to wherever their destination may be) which took some time and I’ve got a few more to go over the next few weeks.  Hopefully the effort will be well received.  I think I’m in need of practice doing up job applications, as I haven’t had to do one for a few years now.  I think they were ok but time will tell.  Maybe I’ll trawl through the archives and find some colourful pictures to post till I get around to doing something more exciting.