food, glorious food…

One of the best parts about travelling is eating all the fabulous food you encounter in different places.  My trip to Cambodia was no different.  On our day trip in the countryside around Battambang we visited a number of homes and businesses that produced different staple foodstuffs. 

sticky rice vendor

The lady here was making sticky rice in the bamboo.  The hollow bamboo was filled with sweet sticky rice and cooked in the bamboo over coals.  The rice turned out delicious and chewy.

fish sauce factory

This picture is from the fish sauce factory.  It does not truly convey the delicate aroma of slowly fermenting fish in the midday sun.  To make the fish sauce, the ladies would gather a few handfuls of the small local fish together, get a cleaver in each hand and chop the fish into a paste.  This paste would then be put in large buckets to fully ferment and get that lovely fish sauce flavour.

rice noodle factory

This is the house where they made rice noodles.  They kept the threads of dough soft in buckets of water while they were making them all and used the husks of rice to fuel the fire.  The fire heated water to boiling point so that the fully formed noodles could be set before being parcelled up and sold fresh to other local businesses.

rice paper makers

And this is the house where they made rice paper for spring rolls.  The rice was ground down and mixed with water to form a paste.  The paste was used to make the rice paper on the container you can see the lady using.  It was applied to the very fine mesh on top of boiling water (sort of like a steamer) to set the paper.  When this was done the paper was laid out on the mats you can see in the front of the picture in order to dry out.