Chicken Village

Chicken Village, also known as Lang Dinh An, can be found just outside of Da Lat in the Central Highlands.  When I travelled to Vietnam we visited the village as part of a day long motorbike tour.  The village is mostly know for its immense concrete sculpture of a chicken (hence the name although I think it might be rooster) but the local women also produce beautiful scarves and other woven products on hand looms.

Chicken statue

We had a wander around the village and talked to a few of the locals.  The village is matriarchal which meant it was the women we chatted too and they explained that in their village it is the women who give dowries (generally buffaloes) to the men when they marry.  One of the guys in our group was informed that he’d be worth four buffaloes, much more than some of the locals apparently.

School in Chicken village

This isn’t a great picture but they had a decent sized school room and it seemed to only be the younger children who weren’t in attendance.

two well kitted locals

These little boys followed us for a while and posed, so we could show them their pictures on our cameras.

hand loom weaving

This lady acted as one of our guides in the village and demonstrated using the hand loom to weave.  The finished product can be seen in the background.