I feel better about my bookshelf now

Having a propensity for ordering my bookshelves according to some sort of hippy type “feeling”, I found this article regarding how other people arrange their bookshelves fascinating.  Maybe it’s because I’m a professional bookshelf arranger and I can be quite picky about how I professionally arrange books but I was surprised (and a little nerdily impressed) people had such well developed systems for book distribution in their own homes.  Myself, I tend to mix genres, fiction with non-fiction.  In fact I arrange the books based entirely on which books I think go well together (which I’m sure makes sense only inside my own head).  Sometimes this is based on type of book, the Penguins do tend to sit together, and the fantasy series have their own corner but my system is almost entirely made up randomly as I put the books back on the shelf after I’ve moved them.  I used wonder if I was putting undue time and effort into rearranging my books till I read the article – it’s always nice to find out that you’re not the only one.