Leaving…on a jet plane

Actually I don’t know if they count as jets but I’m definitely hopping on a plane tonight bound for the UK (and that’s a totally daggy old song to reference).  Haven’t quite finished packing yet.  The logistics of fitting even a small portion of my life into a 60L backpack are beyond me.  I’m concerned I’ll leave something important behind.  And it’s not like it’s a quick trip back to pick it up if I do.  I’ve spent the last three weeks packing, unpacking and sorting my belongings.  I’ve gotten rid of lots of things I didn’t want to but what use are they to me on the other side of the world…I don’t doubt I’ll have to go through it again at some point in the future and be appalled I kept so much crap. And in all my belongings you’d think I already had an electrical adaptor for the UK but apparently not.  I found one for just about every other region and some generic double adaptors but not one fit UK sockets.  I had to make a trip to the shops this morning so that I can charge the laptop and camera while I’m there.

However, I can see that this great purge of my belongings is for a good cause.  I’m looking forward to finally being back in London (and the UK in general) and have planned a few trips down memory lane over the next few weeks. I’m really interested in seeing how things have changed in the area I used to live and in seeing how much I’ve forgotten. I also have a rough list in my head of things that I didn’t see last time, that I’ll try and make time for this go round. As for updates, the place I’m staying in London is meant to have wifi access and I’m taking my laptop so the updates will continue with a slightly more British flair.