Helloooo from Singapore

Well I arrived a bit ahead of schedule in Singapore for my roughly three hour stopover.  I may have mentioned this previously but I do like Singapore airport.  Free internet terminals and wifi is soooo very civilised.  It’s all good so far and I have to head to the boarding gate soon for the very long flight to London.  Here’s hoping for no rain till I’m safely ensconced in my accommodation 🙂

EDIT: I’m now stuck in the departure lounge and don’t even have the bottle of water I purchased in the terminal.  I’d forgotten about this since last time. Here the security checks happen right before you board, so even if you’ve purchased items after passing through customs and immigration you have to give them up if they don’t meet the security requirements. I understand that security is important but I’m thirsty and it would have been nice to have a bottle of water on my 13.5 hour flight 😦  And I’m probably thirsty because it’s warm here and, I’m not ashamed to admit, I had a double cheeseburger and fries from Hungry Jacks (known everywhere else as Burger King) for breakfast.  It was good.