Camden Town

Today I had a wander around various parts of Camden as this is my base for the time being.  I don’t know this part of London particularly well but I am here to explore 🙂 I used to catch buses out of London to do trips last visit. I remember passing through lots of different boroughs with their lovely old houses or quirky dirty shopfronts and wanting to know what it was like to live there. Well, Camden seems to be one of those places. Camden has quirky old shops, flash new shops, markets, bars, pubs, lovely old buildings and green leafy squares.  Although parts of it are touristy (mostly the markets) I think it gives a better idea of London than living in the rarefied surrounds of Chelsea like I had the fortune to do last time (eg. If I wanted to buy something mundane like a towel, I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to find one on the High Street).

I haven’t taken any photos yet really. I’m still kind of tired so am saving the mass photographs for when I can be sure I won’t accidentally walk in front of a taxi or stand in too many peoples way on the footpath. But I like it here and usually it’s the mundane stuff that sells it for me.  I’ve already found fruit at the supermarket that’s hard to get in Australia, you can tell the clientele of a pub based on the amount shirtless workmen (or not) drinking pints out front, and most importantly – it’s somewhere different. It’s not hugely exotic but there are so many more options here, for everything, and it’s kind of nice to have the choice.