Love’s Labours Lost

A few weeks ago before The Globe season ended for this year I returned to see Love’s Labours Lost.  Also a comedy (though I wouldn’t mind seeing a tragedy/drama) it was another excellent afternoon’s outing. A revival of a 2007 production, it is now touring in America.  I cannot recommend highly enough getting to see Globe productions, wherever you may be.  They are very, very funny and treat the play with a lightness and sense of fun.  You can tell the actors are having a good time performing which is nice. Although these pictures don’t add much to the last Globe lot, here’s a slightly different set and viewpoint (because I had a different seat).

Globe Theatre - Love's Labours Lost

Note the leafy, forest banners

Groundlings at Globe

Groundlings in the knot garden - no sitting allowed

left side of Globe

view to the left

right side of the Globe

view to the right

I visited The Globe twice this year and both were fantastic experiences that I hope to repeat next year when the season starts up again.