Happy blowing things up day! (for yesterday)

Last night in Britain we celebrated the right to blow up things in our own backyards and local parks.  After catching a few impromptu fireworks displays coming from backyards on my way home from the shop, I decided to check out if there were any organised celebrations in the area. As it turned out, Southwark Park was set up for a free fireworks display courtesy of Southwark Council. I wandered along to check it out with one of my flatmates (and hundreds of other people).  I didn’t get any particularly good photos of the display, not because the camera can’t take pictures of fireworks but because it’s hard to capture them in just the right moment.  You really need a multiple frames a second job (which I don’t have yet, but give it time).  The display was quite good and a lot of locals including families turned out for it. Here’s a picture I took of the instigator of the tradition.

Guy Fawkes

The man himself - Guy Fawkes