Happy (belated) birthday to the blog!

I feel bad, I forgot – I’m so terrible at remembering birthdays and anniversaries.

This probably should have been my Wednesday post but I lost track of the date. Anyway, it turns out that apart from a short break in January I have been blogging for a whole year now.  This also suggests that it’s now been a year since I had heaps of fun in Vietnam. But now I’m in London which is also an excellent destination and I intend to keep updating if only to keep a personal reminder of just what I’ve done and where I’ve been. My memory isn’t crash hot at the best of times, so I’m sure this will come in handy sometime 🙂 Anyway, here’s some random pictures of stuff from here.

Hays Galleria ship

Big nosed ship at Hays Galleria

Bloomsbury face

faces under our feet in Bloomsbury

fangs in Canterbury

scary balloons in Canterbury

Giraffe snake

Giraffe-snake, a rare creature only found in Camden (unsurprisingly)

National Theatre inside

motion sickness at the National Theatre

river looking west

It's a busy city and river

Southwark Park autumn

Definite signs of Autumn in Southwark Park