This is not the post I promised

So it turns out I spent most of the weekend planning the coming week and mildly panicking.  I found out on Friday afternoon that I was lucky enough to score two job interviews this week. Luckily they aren’t on the same day.  They are however, on two consecutive days in places that are a five-hour train ride apart.  And, they are not turn up, do your interview and leave processes.  Both interviews require the better part of each day for interview, tests/ presentations and for one, a buffet lunch with prospective future bosses.  I’m ok with all this and happy to finally being going to interviews again but it did require a little research on my part aided and abetted with research conducted in the Southern Hemisphere. 

It’s all sorted now though and I have trains tickets (some cheap, some not) and accommodation (not too bad considering short notice) because I’ll be away for a few days.  Both sets of accommodation have wi-fi so I might be able to pop up some more pictures soon but even if I don’t, I’ll certainly be taking more for when I get back to the big smoke.