Belated Australia Day pics

I spent an age this afternoon updating my photos and finally saving all the current ones onto the computer. I was well behind in this duty.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I wasn’t sure what to put up and I haven’t posted much because I didn’t have any terribly exciting news to impart. I mean, there’s only so many times that you can post on a blog, “This week I went to the cinema, bought groceries, fought the rain/snow/freezing conditions to get my mail and tried not to spend too much money so I don’t go broke before I find a job”. So I didn’t write it at all. In spite of this, I do actually have a lot of lovely photos I haven’t shared yet (because walking around London and its parks is still free) and will progressively get to posting.

And in case you hadn’t received the newsflash, my days of unemployment are coming to an end. The exact date I return to work is yet to be decided be the mountains of paperwork that have to be processed first.  I got the happy news a few days after these fun Australia Day celebrations in Shepherd’s Bush.

Yes, it really is pink. Snakebites are the (un)official drink of Australians in London.

Inside the blurry pub

Flatmates getting into the spirit

Documenting the situation

And yes, we did get to travel home on the tube still wearing our green and gold warpaint (as I’m sure many others did that day).