Winter Wanders

The last weekend in January was home to an event that happens a three times a year in London. Walk London organises a series of guided walks all over the Capital. Some walks are themed (lots of Olympic interest in the east) but most follow sections of the seven designated strategic walking routes that encircle and crisscross London. I was able to attend one of the Autumn walks back in September (and haven’t posted the pics yet) and was keen to explore a different part of London.  My previous walk focussed on the east, so this time I headed south-west (also handy because I just got a job in SW London).  The two walks I did over Saturday and Sunday visited a few areas of SW London but the pics of the Saturday walk were better (as was the weather) which started in Wimbledon Park travelled over Wimbledon Common and then into Richmond Park. This post focusses on the Wimbledon part of the walk. 

What else would you expect in Wimbledon Park?

I'm guessing the water temp is still freezing

looking back across the park (notice the mud in the foreground - much of the day was spent squelching across parks and commons)

short walk through Putney Common (I think)

The beginning of our trek deep into Womble territory

Can you see the ice? It's still rather chilly here

I can see some rubbish but still no Wombles...

I really enjoyed the walk and Wimbledon Common was lovely, if completely different to how I’d imagined it.  I tend to think of commons as being wide open spaces but it was a proper woodland type setting. So, sadly no Wombles (sneaky little critters) but next I’ll post some pictures of the second half of the walk through Richmond Park which was stunningly beautiful.