Waiting on Spring

I know I have just over one month of official winter weather left here in the UK but I’m hoping for an end to hostilities and the threat of snow soon. There’s no guarantees though. The weather has been all over the place again this year. December was colder and snowier (totally a word) than normal, while January has yet to yield any particular nastiness. I am a little bit over having to put on multiple layers of clothing and a big coat to leave the house.  Much as it seemed odd to celebrate Christmas in snowy weather (at least it does to an Australian), I also celebrated another Australia day in somewhat less than sunny, beach and barbeque weather. I did manage to bring a little bit of Australia to work in the form of Tim Tams, Jaffas and pizza shapes. Strangely it had never occurred to me that pizza flavoured biscuits might be a novelty. The things we take for granted 🙂 Trying to explain their taste went about as well as an attempt to explain wombats a few days earlier (coworker: are they like dogs? me: ummm, no coworker: what are they like? me: fat…and ummm brown?). At least Google image search was a bit more helpful.

One of the upsides to living somewhere with proper winters is that you get a proper change of seasons. Trawling through my millions of photos last week reminded me how lovely Kew Gardens was last Spring. I was being lazy last year and didn’t get around to posting any of those pics, so here’s a few as a nice reminder that prettier (and hopefully warmer) weather is on the way.