More Brighton

There’s a lot more to Brighton than colourful graffiti and street art. It’s a quirky, probably slightly tawdry, seaside town. In the sunshine it’s lovely but I’m not sure how I’d feel about the roving bands of drunken hens/stags after dark. Besides, it’s harder to appreciate their classy matching outfits then. Here’s a few more pics of lovely sunny Brighton last summer.

Stripy chairs on a pebbly beach

Early in the day looking towards the pier

Entrance to Brighton pier and ice creams, lollies and donuts galore

Brighton Pavilion with fence in foreground

I walked from Brighton to Hove and back in the morning sunshine before ducking into the Laines for a wander and shop. The Pavilion is well worth seeing, if only to gawk at how ornate one residence can be.

And just for fun (or at least I thought they were amusing), here’s a couple signs I spotted on the beach. English standards of course. Pebbles?!

Ha ha...yes it's a bit childish 🙂