The next stops on our trip took us into Normandy first stopping for lunch at Rouen and a peek at its Cathedral and the Gros Horloge (big clock). The weather was still lovely as you can tell from the sunniness of the pics.

Rouen cathedral and a Sunday market

The inside of the Cathedral was lovely, though they are generally rather impressive structures. The current Cathedral’s construction began in the twelfth century and has had many additions and restorations since then. Monet painted images of the Cathedral on numerous occasions as Rouen isn’t far from his home at Giverny.

the lovely stone staircase in the nave

The interior was light filled and so beautifully symmetrical

close up of the cathedral organ

After checking out the cathedral, everyone wandered into the town square via the Rue Gros Horloge (street of the big clock).

The Gros Horloge - astronomical clock dating to the 16thC

Rouen is also known for its original half-timbered buildings – so here’s a slightly dodgy picture of some.

there are quite a few ofthese old buildings in the centre of town

Next stop – quite a few scenic spots on the Normandy coast.