Conquerors and monasteries

Moving on to Bayeux and Mont Saint-Michel for conquerors on tapestries and monasteries on rocks. Bayeux was the first stop. I was happy to finally get a chance to see the Bayeux tapestry in person. I visited Battle Abbey many years ago, which is the site of the actual battle of Hastings, a few miles north of Hastings itself. The tapestry is such a fantastic chronicle of history, capturing everything from King Harold and his unfortunate arrow-in-the-eye incident to misbehaving peasants and even Halley’s comet. The workmanship is amazing and the tapestry  is massive in size while being incredibly detailed. It’s kept in special conditions to prevent deterioration, so pictures weren’t allowed in the Museum. I did also manage to have a quiet wander through the lovely cathedral at Bayeux as well.

After Bayeux the trip headed to Mont Saint-Michel, another stop I was really looking forward to. Like the tapestry, there are millions of pictures around of the Mont but it was great to have a chance to head over the causeway and see it for myself.

The group headed up through the very narrow, very crowded streets of the island to the monastery on the summit.

Next stop, St Malo, Rennes and Tours.