Bristol, Bath and beyond…

Skipping from France and Easter 2011 to the west of England for the week before Easter 2012. The weather leading up to Easter had been sunny and warming up but was it too much to hope that it would last throughout the Easter holidays? My sightseeing was punctuated by some rather chilly, rainy weather. As evidenced by my pics though, there were some blue skies too. I caught the train out to Bristol early one Sunday to have a look around.

Bristol Narrow Quay

The remains of the old harbour outside M Shed which was a great place showcasing the history of Bristol and it’s neighbourhoods. During the Easter holidays pride of place in the front window was taken by the ship from the new Aardman animation movie The Pirates! on loan from the Aardman studios nearby.

The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is also worth a look especially if you like old school museum displays of stuffed birds and animals in glass cases. They have a good art section and during my visit had a free exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci drawings which was well worth a look.

I had a wander up through the charming neighbourhood of Clifton to the famous suspension bridge. I also quite liked the sculptures in Millennium Square though the space seemed quite bare when the weather turned cold and windy.

Bristol is famous for its street art and is, of course, originally home to Banksy. Thanks to the Nelson street See no evil project, I’ve enough pics of street art to put into another post.