Bath (the obvious bits)

Bath was the second half of my Easter adventure. It’s a lovely city with golden stone buildings and oodles of history, especially if you like Romans or Jane Austen. Although the weather was very hit and miss, Bath was packed with tourists especially as the Easter long weekend drew in. Having seen the queues for the Roman Baths on Easter Saturday I was glad of having been organised enough  to go early in the week and avoid waiting behind dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other curious sightseers. At one point the queue stretched out of the building and all through the square behind the Baths. But, tourists aside, Bath is a fantastic place to wander up and down alleys and duck into interesting shops and crucially, there is no shortage of places to stop and refresh yourself on caffeinated beverages and cake.

Bath Cathedral viewed from the Roman Baths

Inside the Roman Baths

View down into Bath from Bathwick Hill

Bath’s historic Assembly Rooms

Royal Crescent

Pulteney Bridge and River Avon

Just the thing for a rainy English afternoon.