Bath (the extra bits)

As I mentioned previously, Bath is a lovely place especially for wandering. Here’s a few more pics of the sights at Easter.

I saw these lions and a few similarly decorated pigs around town. I’m not sure what the lions were for but there is story about Bath’s founding that involves a pig. In fact, it’s commemorated in the statue below found in a local park.

It’s King Bladud (father of Lear) and one of the pigs who helped him discover the healing properties of Bath’s springs, thereby curing him of leprosy. Over 100 decorated pigs were displayed through Bath a few years ago as part of an art project.

And if pigs aren’t your thing, there’s always oompa loompas and daleks.

And now on to something a bit classier – National Trust maintained Prior Park Gardens.

The garden is the only publicly accessible area now. If I remember correctly the House is now part of a school.

The view down to Bath from Prior Park.

The lake and the featured Palladian bridge in the foreground. Stately houses and gardens in the UK are quite impressive. There’s so little of this scale and age back home.