Bath (the obvious bits)

Bath was the second half of my Easter adventure. It’s a lovely city with golden stone buildings and oodles of history, especially if you like Romans or Jane Austen. Although the weather was… Continue reading

Giant squid and pirate ships

Just one more glimpse of Bristol before I move on 🙂

Wells Cathedral

On the return trip from Glastonbury I stopped for a wander in Wells. I’d heard it was a lovely town with a beautiful Cathedral. Although I’d already visited a few Cathedrals on this… Continue reading

Paint your cities – part two

Because Bristol has more arty sights than can fit into one post, here are some other public artworks.

Climbing the Tor

My first trip to Glastonbury was many years ago now, part of a English road trip accompanying my grandfather. We wandered the town, visited the Abbey but I didn’t make it to the… Continue reading

Paint your cities – part one

Bristol’s a nice place to visit but one of its best features is it’s encouragement of street art. Wandering around town will  bring you into contact with the famous (there’s still some Banksy’s about) and the… Continue reading

Bristol, Bath and beyond…

Skipping from France and Easter 2011 to the west of England for the week before Easter 2012. The weather leading up to Easter had been sunny and warming up but was it too… Continue reading

Chateau Chenonceau

Leaving Tours the next stop was at one of the beautiful Chateaus of the Loire Valley. Chateau de Chenonceau is a beautiful Grand House, set among perfectly manicured gardens. It also boasts the… Continue reading

Fortresses and timber frames

Meandering south west from Mont Saint-Michel, St Malo’s fortress style surrounds beckoned. Rennes is known for its timber framed buildings. I spent a nice, sunny lunch time wandering around the central part of the city,… Continue reading

Conquerors and monasteries

Moving on to Bayeux and Mont Saint-Michel for conquerors on tapestries and monasteries on rocks. Bayeux was the first stop. I was happy to finally get a chance to see the Bayeux tapestry… Continue reading