To market, To market…

This morning I headed off to the Ben Thanh market which actually is in walking distance of the hotel.  I’m getting better at crossing roads, though I still feel like I’m going to… Continue reading

Mmmmm delicious

So I’m finally posting after eating instead of before.  I’ve enjoyed some lovely food over the past two days.  Tonight was chili and lemongrass chicken and last night I had my first bowl… Continue reading

Because someone else thinks it’s walking distance…

So my first proper sightseeing was today.  And I’ve got to say that because something is theoretically within walking distance (according to my Geckos travel itinerary) doesn’t mean you should walk there.  Ho Chi… Continue reading

Beep Beep

So I’ve finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon for those playing at home).  It’s good to back in a country where the constatnt beep beep of car horns isn’t aggressive.  I’ve … Continue reading

Almost in Vietnam

Good afternoon.  I’ve arrived in Singapore (free internet access in the terminals!) and everything is fine so far.  I had a lovely view of engine from my window seat which reminded of the… Continue reading

Thankfully I’ve finished packing

Aaaah, it’s an early start tomorrow to get to the airport.  Although the flight to Vietnam leaves at 9.30am I have to be at the airport about three hours early.  Since I’m travelling from… Continue reading

Welcome to my blog…

Hi everyone.  I’ve set up this blog as a bit of an experiment.  I’ll post to it while I’m travelling to keep everyone updated and hopefully I’ll be able to add some photos… Continue reading