Guess the famous landmark in the dark

Yeah, the picture is kind of dodgy but this is my camera’s version of the view from my last residence.  It actually looked better than this. Advertisements

Winter fare at Borough Market

It kind of speaks for itself What it doesn’t capture are the pigs heads routinely on sale, the ageing beef that looks gangrenous (I’m sure fans of properly aged meat could take issue… Continue reading

Ok, so I’ve been slack…

…and yes, suggesting I might post stuff while I was away was more than mildly hopeful, especially considering the state of internet access in the towns I visited.  Here’s some pictures of a… Continue reading

This is not the post I promised

So it turns out I spent most of the weekend planning the coming week and mildly panicking.  I found out on Friday afternoon that I was lucky enough to score two job interviews… Continue reading

More random pictures

cos I’m too lazy to write a proper post this week. Been slack on the blog front but finally seeing some results on the job interview front which is somewhat more important at… Continue reading

This looks familiar

I found this little creature in the Victoria and Albert Museum but he really reminds me of the doorknockers from Labyrinth.

Happy (belated) birthday to the blog!

I feel bad, I forgot – I’m so terrible at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. This probably should have been my Wednesday post but I lost track of the date. Anyway, it turns out… Continue reading

South Kensington Art and Design

A couple of weekends ago I rugged up for a trip to South Kensington to visit one of the excellent museums in that area. I’d been wanting to go to the Victoria and… Continue reading

Guess the tube station…

No prizes except the knowledge you know too much about pop culture archetypes.

Happy blowing things up day! (for yesterday)

Last night in Britain we celebrated the right to blow up things in our own backyards and local parks.  After catching a few impromptu fireworks displays coming from backyards on my way home from… Continue reading