I’m still here

… just in case you were wondering.  I have heaps more photos to post but I took a couple of days off because I was too busy (or lazy) to put more up. … Continue reading

Westminster Abbey

So these are the pics I took the other day at Westminster Abbey.  As I did not deign to pay the entry price, they are only of the outside.  That said, I don’t… Continue reading

The tally so far…

Squirrels: 6 (although I may have seen the one across the road twice, Regents Park, Hyde Park) Rats: 1 (Regents Park) Men in straw boater hats: 3 (Borough Market, Central line tube, Camden)… Continue reading

The Eye of London Town

I took the short trip to Westminster today to have a look around the many sights in the area and get some idea of the boat trips running from Westminster pier.  I will… Continue reading

London travel tip

While enjoying those warm late summer/early autumn days in the park, it is useful to note that the small grey, brown rodents with bushy tails and cute fat cheeks stuffed with nuts are squirrels. … Continue reading

Portobello Road

I have to admit that I traipsed all the way to Notting Hill to look around Portobello Road market mostly because I like the name.  And apparently it also featured in Bedknobs and… Continue reading

Regents Park and Primrose Hill

Friday turned out to be lovely sunny, if windy, day. I decided to visit some of the local parks, but being London the local parks happen to be Regents Park and Primrose Hill. Regents… Continue reading

Comics, Cartoons and the British Museum

On Thursday I ventured out into the rapidly cooling and far too windy weather to visit the British Museum. As it is often possible to do in London, I walked there.  It’s not… Continue reading

Pre-Raphaelites at Millbank

Yesterday I ventured down to Pimlico and Millbank to revisit the Tate Britain. Long my favourite Tate outpost, I don’t think the Tate Modern was even open the first time I visited Millbank.… Continue reading

Caution Infernal Traffic

On Sunday I caught the tube eastwards into the Shoreditch/ Spitalfields/ Brick Lane area.  I have to admit that the most Cockney thing I found was the ATM. I’d seen a piece in the… Continue reading