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Day out at the Ekka

Also known as the Brisbane Exhibition.  Originally an old school Exhibition/Fair run by the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA for short) it was THE yearly Exhibition in the big… Continue reading

More Southbank images

I took more pictures of Southbank during my trip to Brisbane for the Game On exhibition.  Here’s a few of the other good ones.  It was a beautiful day to be out and… Continue reading

Protest over markets continue

Following on from my post over Easter about the changes afoot at the Green Flea market in West End, the protests over the change in management are ongoing, with other community organisations revealing they also had… Continue reading

Turn left at the dead badger!

So in a lovely continuation of my excellent week (that started with V fest) I headed into Brisbane Wednesday night to see Bernard Black himself.  Dylan Moran is currently touring Australia and at… Continue reading

Southbank images

Southbank, Brisbane that is.  I know the phrase Southbank conjures up idyllic pictures of Paris and the Seine, or maybe London and the Thames (yes the Thames can be scenic).  But no, I… Continue reading

Details at the State Library

On the day I visited the Game On exhibition, I took some pictures of the State Library up close.  They’ve got some interesting art on the front of their building. Notice those strange… Continue reading