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Bath (the obvious bits)

Bath was the second half of my Easter adventure. It’s a lovely city with golden stone buildings and oodles of history, especially if you like Romans or Jane Austen. Although the weather was… Continue reading

More rainbow cakes!

While checking out Tastespotting recently I came across this blog entry for a six layer rainbow cake.  It looks like a bit of work (the layers were all made separately) but the colours are… Continue reading

I can sing a rainbow…

Well maybe not, but continuing in the tradition of glorifying other peoples’ cupcake experiments – check out out these lurid rainbow cupcakes.  Rainbow Brite would be proud.

Mmmm cupcakes…

Continuing in my quest to test out my new and improved oven functions I cooked up some cupcakes the other night.  I had to search a while on the internet to find a… Continue reading