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Bath (the obvious bits)

Bath was the second half of my Easter adventure. It’s a lovely city with golden stone buildings and oodles of history, especially if you like Romans or Jane Austen. Although the weather was… Continue reading

Wells Cathedral

On the return trip from Glastonbury I stopped for a wander in Wells. I’d heard it was a lovely town with a beautiful Cathedral. Although I’d already visited a few Cathedrals on this… Continue reading

Climbing the Tor

My first trip to Glastonbury was many years ago now, part of a English road trip accompanying my grandfather. We wandered the town, visited the Abbey but I didn’t make it to the… Continue reading

Conquerors and monasteries

Moving on to Bayeux and Mont Saint-Michel for conquerors on tapestries and monasteries on rocks. Bayeux was the first stop. I was happy to finally get a chance to see the Bayeux tapestry… Continue reading


The next stops on our trip took us into Normandy first stopping for lunch at Rouen and a peek at its Cathedral and the Gros Horloge (big clock). The weather was still lovely… Continue reading

Oxford ramblings

I took a quick trip to Oxford at the beginning of January for work seeking purposes. It was freezing and late in the day it snowed on me as I walked back to… Continue reading

Ok, so I’ve been slack…

…and yes, suggesting I might post stuff while I was away was more than mildly hopeful, especially considering the state of internet access in the towns I visited.  Here’s some pictures of a… Continue reading

Canterbury Tales

Not the most original post title ever but that’s what I’m working with.  I took a day trip to Canterbury for an appointment a while ago and although I’m not moving there, it was… Continue reading

Westminster Abbey

So these are the pics I took the other day at Westminster Abbey.  As I did not deign to pay the entry price, they are only of the outside.  That said, I don’t… Continue reading

A trip down memory lane…

…or more accurately, Kings Road Chelsea.  It was a fine and sunny Saturday here and I’d been wanting to revisit some of my old haunts. My first trip to the UK was about… Continue reading