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Cheesecake brownies

Mmmmmm.  They’re delicious and combine two favourite foods – chocolate and cheesecake.  The recipe is pretty simple and they don’t take too long to make.  And in any case, they are more than… Continue reading

‘Cos it’s cold in this here corner of the world

Or about as cold as it gets in a subtropical climate.  Near summer like weather for most of the year does not adequately prepare you for the few really cold weeks we get. … Continue reading

Buttery lemon biscuits

Welcome to post number 100!  I’d like to think I had something exciting in store but alas, all I have is a recipe for delicious biscuits that I somehow failed to take photos of.  Not… Continue reading

More rainbow cakes!

While checking out Tastespotting recently I came across this blog entry for a six layer rainbow cake.  It looks like a bit of work (the layers were all made separately) but the colours are… Continue reading

Banana cinnamon pancakes

Sounds good right?  I decided to make these pancakes the other day not because I had some fantastic recipe but because I had some rapidly ripening bananas that I had to use before… Continue reading

Quince and berry pastries

Having never cooked quince before I was at a bit of a loss deciding what to do with them once prepared.  I bought three decent sized quince at the markets and after the… Continue reading


Possibly the silliest biscuit name ever. They are, however, extremely delicious.  I made some the other night from a recipe I found in a Women’s Weekly cookbook.  They’re really easy to make and… Continue reading

Blueberry and lemon cupcakes

I finally got back to baking items that were decent enough to be photographed by my little point and shoot.  This week’s outing was blueberry cupcakes with lemon icing.  I’ve made a similar… Continue reading

Spicy pear cookies

Although my baking has slowed a bit recently, I had some pears that I needed to do something with.  I thought, maybe a cake, or a fruit crumble?  But then I found this… Continue reading

I can sing a rainbow…

Well maybe not, but continuing in the tradition of glorifying other peoples’ cupcake experiments – check out out these lurid rainbow cupcakes.  Rainbow Brite would be proud.